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Visio ® Themes Supported!

   Visio Viewer is a tool designed to support the use of Visio documents (with a .vsd, .vsdx, .vdx extension) by Android, Mac OS X and iOS users, enabling them to open, read and perform basic MS Visio tasks. Visio Viewer's processing algorithm opens the file directly on a device without conversion on external Web Servers. Viewing Visio documents on Mac is as simple as clicking on a file or drag and dropping to the application's window or using "Open In" feature on iPad and iPhone.
icon VisioAndroid
Visio Viewer Android
icon VisioMac
Visio Viewer Mac
icon VisioiOS
Visio Viewer iOS

  • Open .vsd, .vdx, .vsdx files on Android
  • Navigate multipage documents
  • Access drawings from clouds


  • Open cross-functional flowcharts, maps, floorplans, network diagrams
  • Quickly perform common tasks: switch layers, navigate pages, etc
  • Mac: Open files with .VSD, .VDX, .VSDX right from the Finder


  • Organize, access documents from file manager, print, export to PDF
  • Open documents with advanced features and objects
  • iOS: Safe and access Visio documents in embedded file manager








Nektony Disk Utilities

Keep your Mac hard drives clean and organized


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disk expert mac
Disk Expert
disk inspector mac
Disk Inspector
  • Great during general file system checkup
  • Ideal for further content management
  • Displays even hidden and system items


  • Invaluable while searching largest folders
  • Handy while checkup of external drives
  • Simple intuitive hierarchy representation


  • Essential for good system performance
  • Practical to cleanup of specific file locations
  • Clears cashes, logs and language resources