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Free Your Mac Hard Drive


ClearDisk scans your Mac hard drive for unnecessary files and cleans wasted space on your Mac’s hard disk by removing the useless data.


ClearDisk specifically looks into file categories that normally clutter up the hard drive with unnecessary data: Language Resources, Downloads, Caches and Trash.

clean hard drive in several clicks

  • Clean your most file-collecting folders
  • Get access even to system files
  • Identify size of unnecessary items
  • Clear Language Resources of all applications
  • Easily pick up item to clear from Downloads and Trash
  • Improve productivity by renewing application's cashes and logs 
Scanning and Analyzing

ClearDisk scans your Mac hard drive and discovers stuff, clogging up the disk space. It determines files sizes and locations that allows you to measure capacity of all discovered files.

Immediate Disk Cleaning

ClearDisk works quickly and effectively because it closely inspects just the file categories that are commonly used for storage of unnecessary stuff.

Free Space on Mac Startup Disk

ClearDisk will check how much space is wasted on your startup hard drive and increase the free space available on your primary disk without altering the hardware.

Speed up Your Mac

ClearDisk discovers the useless files and allows you to remove all unnecessary data really simply. Just in few clicks you'll get your Mac clean and running properly in the manner you expect.

Reclame Hard Drive Space

ClearDisk enables you to Clear the HD of useless files. It removes unused language resources, unnecessary downloads, old caches and even clears Trash.

Maintain System Folders Clear

You can clean your Mac by a single click: all junk files (System Caches, User Caches, System Logs, User Logs, User Downloads, Trash, Internet Cache, etc.) will be removed immediately.




So helpful, so nice!

I have to clear cashes very often because of my job. ClearDisk is an easiest tool I ever used. hank you, guys!

Couple of clicks, recovered 5GB

I'll definitely getting a lot of mileage out of this app. I'd been looking for something like this for a while and a while I have apps that can do basically the same thing, they don't do it as elegantly and simply.

Great app!

ClearDisk opened my eyes how much disk space is wasted - 3 Gb! My disk is really clear now!