funter - view hidden files on mac


Switch Hidden Files Visibility in Two Clicks


Funter (File Hunter) is a freeware Mac utility that can show and hide hidden and system files in Mac OS X Finder. It is helpful when you need to discover your files deep.


Funter is very simple in usage. Once launched, it displayed in the menubar as an eye pictogram. When eye is open - hidden files are visible, closed - invisible.

search all content of your folders

view hidden files in two clicks
  • Completely freeware without pop-up ads
  • No need to launch Terminal
  • Identify files state from menubar
  • Uses nothingness of RAM
About Hidden Files Viewer

Funter is targeted for all Mac users who are looking for simplest way to find the invisible files on Mac. IT professionals, engineers, programmers and web developers will be especially benefited by using it. Note:

  • After switching visibility your Finder will be relaunched
  • Funter saves visibility preferences even after restart

explore all hidden folders





I just downloaded and tried this for a movie file I ripped from a bootleg. I couldn't find the file! Funter found it pronto!

So sweet

This should be part of the OS. Thanks for showing me this little gem.

Very useful

You should send info about Funter to Macworld and any other Mac or tech related websites and magazines.